Meet the photographer behind ‘Pub Dogs of London’

Meet the photographer behind ‘Pub Dogs of London’

After noticing there is a book out there with dogs in pubs, we couldn’t help contacting the photographer to tell us more about her experience and how dog friendly she sees London.

DogPawer: Do you have a pet? What’s your relationship with dogs?
Fiona Freund: We have some stick insects and two boys who are hankering for a dog, we are at the discussion stage at the moment.

DP: How did you get to the point of starting to take photos of dogs in pubs?
F: I was lucky enough to be recommended to the editor of Freight books who was looking for someone with lots of photography experience and a penchant for dogs. When they explained what they wanted I couldn’t wait to start – dogs in pubs in London – what’s not to like!

DP: How are dogs reacting to the camera?
F: It does take them a while to work out what you want them to do, you have to make a connection with them, very much like shooting people. A few dog treats in pockets help. With lots of patience and gentle encouragement all the dogs got the idea, although one big boxer wouldn’t come out from under the table!

DP: Do you see London as a dog friendly city? Why do you think most of the pubs are dog friendly?
F: I think it can be hard to have a dog in London with so much traffic and limited open spaces but we do have some beautiful parks. Not all pubs are dog friendly by any means sadly, there are some helpful websites to point you in the right direction (DogPawer wink) and the ones that are dog friendly do it with bells on – water bowls, treats on the bar etc. I don’t think a pub is really complete without a muddy hound sleeping by the fire.

DP: What should convince a public place owner (restaurant / cafe) make it dog friendly?
F: Thirsty dogs bring thirsty owners. For lots of people a social dog walk is a high point in their week, offer them somewhere to refuel afterwards and you’ll have regular custom for years!

DP: Do your current and future photography plans involve dogs?
F: After the success of the book I have been asked to take portraits by several dog owners. It is lovely to keep working with dogs, I have so much experience with them now and can create all sorts of beautiful images.

Fiona Freund is currently offering a portrait service for dogs. You can find more details about it here:
“Pub Dogs of London” is available in libraries. More details here:

And how else to end this article other than with dogs. Here are some exclusive photos from Camden pubs:

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